Hari Balakrishnan

Address: 32-G940, MIT CSAIL
The Stata Center
32 Vassar Street
Cambridge, MA 02139, USA
Phone: (617) 253-8713 (I rarely check voicemail)
hari - csail . mit . edu

I'm the Fujitsu Professor in the EECS Department at MIT and lead the Networks and Mobile Systems group at CSAIL. I also work closely with the database group. My research is in the area of networked computer systems. My work has spanned wireless networks and mobile computing, overlay and P2P networks, Internet architecture, routing, and congestion control, network security and privacy, and data management. Short bio.

My students and I are members of the recently launched MIT Center for Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing, aka Wireless@MIT.

My papers and group's software.
My older (pre-1999) older papers and software.

Current Research

Some past projects include: Snoop (wireless TCP), Congestion Manager, Cricket, RON, Chord, Migrate, INS, Medusa / Borealis, internet routing / rcc, Infranet, SFR, Divert/MRD, DOA, DQE, speak-up, AIP, anomaly detection, HRDB, Wavescope/Wishbone, SoftPHY protocols (SoftRate, MIXIT, conflict-map MAC) AirBlue cross-layer experimentation platform, Relational Cloud (a database-as-a-service for the cloud, incl. Kairos)


In Spring 2012, I'm in charge of 6.02. In Fall 2012, I'm co-lecturing 6.02, but fortunately not in charge of it!

Students & post-docs

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