RoLex: Control Flow Analyzer

Web Interface Example

Control Flow

Routers Peering with AS 1239
Router Neighbor Neighbor AS Import Route Map Export Route Map
atlga-gw1 ebgp_AS1239_0 1239 25 26
cgcil-gw1 ebgp_AS1239_1 1239 25 26
laxca-gw1 ebgp_AS1239_3 1239 25 26
dlxtx-gw2 ebgp_AS1239_2 1239 114 26
Show All Import Show All Export
Show All Route Maps

The per-AS view summarizes the BGP sessions for a particular remote AS (both eBGP and iBGP, although this example only shows eBGP sessions).

In this example, you can see the following functionality in the Web interface:

  • Clicking on a route map number will show a canonicalized version of that route map, describing its mechanism clause-by-clause.
  • Clicking on the route map column headers will sort the rows so that routers with common route maps are grouped together.
  • Clicking on "Show All..." will show several route maps on one screen.
  • When showing only two route maps at once, the analyzer will also show a diff of the route maps. Try clicking on "Show All Import" to see this.

There are some other pieces of functionality that are available in the real version, but not functional in this example:

  • Clicking on a router name will produce a table that shows all BGP sessions associated with that router.

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