Horde: Flexible Network Striping



This is NOT a product
This is not production code. There's no guarantee that it will work for you. There's no gaurantee it'll even compile correctly on your machine. It may even segfault occasionally.


Don't expect any help!
There's some documentation, but no mailing list. Furthermore, the lead developers might be on holiday when you need help, so, in short, don't expect any help.


API examples
If you still want to play with Horde, the best approach is to read the basic docs and go over the Python and C++ API examples:



The Horde source code is released under the MIT license.


Source code

Development snapshot.



RQE Talk, August 2006.


Conference Papers

"Horde: Separating Network Striping Policy from Mechanism," Asfandyar Qureshi and John Guttag, 3rd International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services (Mobisys 2005), Seattle, WA, June 2005. [read more]


"Tavarua: Video Streaming with WWAN Striping," Asfandyar Qureshi, Jennifer Carlisle and John Guttag, ACM Multimedia 2006, Santa Barbara, CA, October 2006. [read more]
















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