6.829 - Computer Networks (G) - Spring 2008

Getting Up-To-Date on Networks

General Information
Term Evaluated: Spring 2008
Prerequisites: 6.033, some programming experience.
Units: 4.0 - 4.9 - 7.1

Subject Info: This subject provided a broad overview of computer networks. It focused primarily on current research and emphasized application more than theory. There was a lot of material to be covered, so the class couldn't delve too deeply in any topic.

Motivation: Students took this course because they were interested or because they needed to satisfy requirements. People who are interested in the current research on networks and systems design should take this class. Future students are warned that the class requires a lot of readings and time.

  • Hari
  • Papers
  • Project
Or Not
  • Too many papers

Hari Balakrishnan (6.4; 13 responses) was an excellent lecturer. He explained concepts clearly and had good blackboard technique.

Bruce Davie (5.3; 10 responses) liked telling anecdotes. He was good overall.

Class Information

Problem Sets: The problem sets were useful in learning the material, but they were long. Some students felt they were vague or poorly designed. Some students collaborated, but no one used a bible.

Labs: There was one final open-ended research-oriented project, which students liked.

Grading: Grading was fair.

Readings: This course had many recent research papers to read. There were also some class notes that students found useful.

Quizzes: The quizzes were open-book, but difficult and long. Some students thought the exams were fair, while others thought the questions were vague and poorly designed.

"I was disappointed that there were no labs, but if you want to learn about research going on in different parts of networking, this is a great class."