APware Software

The APware software module contains a number of software modules that are freely available but have been modified by us. The preliminary release allows users to gather wireless card specific information such as signal strengths and data rate on a frame-by-frame basis using popular tcpdump and libpcap tools. Only two drivers airo (for Cisco cards) and madwifi (for Atheros cards) are currently supported. In the future, we plan to release other software modules that can improve the performance of wireless networks. We expect many of our modifications to be included in the later versions of tcpdumpd and libpcap etc. The base software modules such as tcpdump, libpcap and the airo and madwifi drivers continue to be licensed under their outstanding licensing agreements (see their websites for details). The modifications provided by APware, when not covered by those licences, are licensed under the non-copyleft Free BSD License.


Allen Miu
Godfrey Tan


Download each module and follow the instructions in README
Libpcap (Ver 0.8.3)

Tcpdump (Ver 3.8.3)

Madwifi Driver (Ver: wlan:, ath_hal:, ath_pci:
Madwifi Driver (July 29th) (Ver: wlan:, ath_hal:, ath_pci: (Note: not very stable! we'll wait for CVS)

Airo Driver (Ver 0.6)

APWARE support module

07/27/2004: Released version 1.0