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Acoustic Laptops as a research enabler

Michael Allen, Lewis Girod, Deborah Estrin
The 4th Workshop on Embedded Networked Sensors (EmNets 2007), Cork, Ireland, June 2007

The Acoustic ENSBox~cite{gir06} is an embedded platform which enables practical distributed acoustic sensing by providing integrated hardware and software support in a single platform. It provides a highly accurate acoustic self-calibration system which eliminates the need for manual surveying of node reference positions. In this paper, we present an Acoustic Laptop, that enables distributed acoustic research through the use of a less resource-constrained and more readily available platform. It runs exactly the same software and uses the same sensor hardware as the Acoustic ENSBox, but replaces the embedded computing platform with a standard laptop. We describe the advantages of using the Acoustic Laptop as a rich prototyping platform for acoustic source localization and mote-class node localization applications. The Acoustic Laptop is not intended to replace the Acoustic ENSBox, but to compliment it, by providing an easily replicated prototyping platform that is extensible and resource-rich, and suitable for attended, pilot deployments. We show that the benefits gained by a laptop's extra resources enable intensive signal processing in real-time, without optimization. This enables on-line, interactive experimentation with algorithms such as Approximated Maximum Likelihood. Applications developed using the Acoustic Laptop can subsequently be run on the more deployable Acoustic ENSBox platform, unmodified apart from performance optimizations.

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