Improving Loss Resilience with Multi-Radio Diversity in Wireless Networks

Allen K. Miu, Hari Balakrishnan, Can E. Koksal
11th ACM MOBICOM Conference, Cologne, Germany, September 2005

This paper describes the Multi-Radio Diversity (MRD) wireless system, which uses path diversity to improve loss resilience in wireless local area networks (WLANs). MRD coordinates wireless receptions among multiple radios to improve loss resilience in the face of path-dependent frame corruption over the radio. MRD incorporates two techniques to recover from bit errors and lower the loss rates observed by higher layers, without consuming much extra bandwidth. The first technique is frame combining, in which multiple, possibly erroneous, copies of a given frame are combined together in an attempt to recover the frame without retransmission. The second technique is a low-overhead retransmission scheme called request-for-acknowledgment (RFA), which operates above the link layer and below the network layer to attempt to recover from frame combining failures. We present an analysis that determines how the parameters for these algorithms should be chosen.

We have designed and implemented MRD as a fully functional WLAN infrastructure based on 802.11a. In our testbed, we measured throughput gains up to 2.3x over single radio communication schemes employing 802.11's autorate adaptation scheme.

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